Timber Flooring Sales Perth

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December 2018

by Richard Catlin


Our upcoming Timber Flooring Sale is your opportunity to grab a bargain!

There are at times genuine opportunities to get great savings on timber flooring and if you know what you like and work with the right supplier you may just find that perfect timber floor for your home at a fraction of the cost. At Bosch, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’ve negotiated great deals with our preferred suppliers and have a fantastic promotion to finish of 2018 with a bang!

So how has this promotion come about?

Timber Flooring manufacturers produce products from time to time that simply don’t sell as well as expected. In most cases they are perfectly good solid timber floors but perhaps not as popular or simply not as well known to potential customers.  Then there are the timbers with more appearance blemishes or in shorter length boards which companies can often struggle to find a market for. However, in the right décor and when installed correctly, these timbers can provide a really interesting floor at a much reduced cost – especially in rustic or industrial design schemes. 

Our approach to suppliers

In the last 6 weeks we have approached all of our preferred suppliers and asked them to dig out those types of timber flooring products mentioned above so we can offer them to our customers at greatly reduced prices. I’m happy to say they’ve all jumped on board with some fantastic offers. 

The lacklustre WA economy is helping too!

It’s no secret  the WA economy has been slow in the last two years, which means for consumers there are some great value products available at very reasonable pricing. At Bosch Timber Floors, we’ve seen this opportunity and taken the bit between the teeth to set up a Stock Clearance Sale which will run for 3 days on the 27th, 28th and 29th of December.

Unlike some of the advertisements you see, we won’t be offering discounts of 80% or pretending we are about to close down. What we will be doing is offering genuine price reductions on good quality products that for what ever reason have been slow to sell.

So are these timber floors damaged in any way?

Certainly not. We are thrilled with the quality of timber flooring products our wholesale partners have made available for us but we’ll also have some downgraded solid timber flooring at exceptional prices too. The downgraded products, if installed by one of our installation experts, will no doubt make a fine timber floor. These downgrades with their reduced prices provide an opportunity for people who might not normally have enough money to purchase a timber floor to extend the budget a little and add great value to their home.

End of run job lots for smaller projects

Finally there will be some end of run “job lots” which will work well for small installations where anyone looking to renovate and add value to one or two rooms only in your home.

Even our installers will be there to provide expert advice

As we always say, the quality of the installation is just as important as the floor itself so, preferred installers of Bosch timber floors will be on hand through out our sale to talk to you about the installation of your floor and when and at what cost they can install your timber floor. Bosch Timber Floors works hand in hand with some of Perth finest installers & sanders and having them available at our sale will no doubt help you gain sound, knowledgeable installation advice on the spot.

More information  

You’ll be able to find more details on our specials page on this website, but if you are ready to purchase your timber floor, heading to our sale at the WANGARA showroom and warehouse on the 27th of December will be the best opportunity to pick up a genuine bargain without compromising on the quality of the finished floor.

We hope to see you there and on behalf of the Bosch Timber Floors team, we wish you all the best for the festive season.



Richard Catlin

Owner Manager